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Offsite Data Protection

Have you ever accidently deleted a file and wish you could get it back? Have you ever lost a computer to power surges or lightning strikes?How I survived a computer disaster All computers are susceptible to hardware failures, viruses and of course user accidents. Computer users often do not realize how important their data is until they lose it. Viruses can attack and destroy your machine, a hard drive could fail, or you could spill coffee on your laptop. Do not forget about natural disasters like flood, fire, hurricanes, or tornados. Most users do not even currently backup their data. Carbonite Offsite Backup Solution is by far the best possible solution to protect your irreplaceable pictures, home videos, music library, and whatever else is most important to you on your computer. Do not wait until it is too late to protect your invaluable data. With Carbonite offsite backup, you will get peace of mind knowing your data will always be protected. It runs seamlessly in the background with no user interaction. No scheduled data backups that take over your computer until the backup is complete. It simply works all day everyday backing up your files. After the initial backup, Carbonite will monitor changes in files and look for new files and back them up immediately. So do not hesitate, start your free trial today!

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