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OnDemand Remote Support

OnDemand Remote Support is a very valuable resource that is provided to you at the click of a mouse. You can connect to a Digital Computer Guy in just a few seconds to get the support you need. There are a few simple ways to get connected.

1. Connect to live chat and begin a session right away. Give the technician a brief description of what you need help with. The technician will recommend the right solution for you. Just click the status link above to get started.

2. If live chat is offline, you can also download the OnDemand Remote Support software. After installation, you can connect to a technician within seconds. Click here to download the installer.

3. You can also call 866-369-9497 and get a 6 digit pin number. The 6 digit pin can be used on this site to connect to a technician. Simply enter the numbers in the field above and click connect.

Don't take your computer to the local repair shop where they will keep it for days and over charge you. Give us a try; connect now for a free session.

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